What is going on with my lights? Do I need to call an electrician ?

Hi my name is Kevin Opperman and I am a licensed electrician. I have been in the electrical field for over 18 years and I love what i do. I am writing this blog to hopefully help some of you that have the same electrical issue.


Have you ever found yourself asking "why does my lights in my house seems to dim or it seems to get brighter"? As a local electrician I get asked this question over and over again, but the truth is that there could be multiple things going on.


  • It could be a lose connection outside the house.
  • It could be a lose connection inside the house 
  • it could even be that the lights and some of the outlets are connected to the same circuit, making the vacuum dim the lights because of the electrical draw.


Then the question become "IS IT SAFE"? The answer to that is any electrical issue is not something to overlook. Call a local licensed electrician to assess the situation and let you know (for your own peace of mind) what he or she had found. I hope this helps , I will be adding more helpful information to this blog page to assist your average homeowner.






Thanks and God Bless



 Kevin Opperman - Licensed Electrician